Unsung Apparel

Thesis Project
Spring 2017


Aside from influencing the consumer to purchase the product, the goal of packaging design should be to treat the product as a relic and showcase it an interesting way. While at the same time creating an experience for the consumer that convinces them to keep the package and reuse it to house the product.

The clothing industry and its retail spaces are lacking in functional packages that effectively promote the pieces and their aesthetics. The opportunity to create beautiful designs that package what packages us — that is clothing — should not be neglected.


The goal of the project was to develop a brand, and create a packaging system that can be reused and serves a function in order to encourage the consumer to keep the package. The function of the package should be to showcase the beauty of the product and to create an experience for the consumer, thus expanding the brand’s dedicated customer base through positive producer-consumer relationships.

Unsung Apparel is fictional and treated as a brand in its beginning stages. This package/collection is the brand’s first drop, and will be used as an influencer marketing tactic, as well as a functional package for a retail space.


Unsung Apparel's Mission Statement:

To hear from the unheard.
To speak for the unspoken.
To sing for the unsung.

The Unsung are the ambitious. The persistent. Those who understand that unstable foundations can create individuals, and without the trials, they would be mundane. These foundations build ambitions. These ambitions build characters. These characters build movements.

Unsung Apparel exists to hear the stories of these people, collaborate, and manifest the ideas into quality clothing. These clothes are tools of nonverbal communication that effectively communicate the unique perspectives of The Unsung to the rest of the world.


Materials/Processes  |  French Speckletone Black 140 lb Paper, French Pop-Tone Black 100 lb Cover Paper, Neenah Classic Linen Red Pepper 80 lb Cover Paper, Neenah Astrobrights Galaxy Gold 80 lb Cover Paper, Neenah Clearfold 36 lb Paper, Screen Printing


Dimensions  |  Package: 16" x 12 3/4" x 3 1/8"