Summer 2017 [Work in Progress]


In the Summer of 2017 the owners of Profound Aesthetic and I got in touch to discuss designing a new packaging system to use with their online orders. They required an overlying box design that would be used on small, medium, and large packages, and an envelope of sorts that would be placed inside. The envelope was used to hold the order invoice, a welcome card, a social media card, and 2-3 different stickers. I created two mock ups of the packaging system and after revisions sent them to Profound Aesthetic for them to have a tech pack to bring with them overseas to their manufacturer. 
This project is still a work in progress because the packages have not yet gone into production.
Visit to learn more about the brand.
Please note the Japanese symbols seen in the mock ups are placeholders meant to represent the four original symbols that Profound Aesthetic uses in their branding.