Iron Empire

Summer 2017


In the Summer of 2017, I approached the team at Iron Empire Clothing about collaborating on a new project. I was given full creative freedom to produce a brand new line of clothing under the Iron Empire umbrella. Iron Empire Lux. aims to incorporate quality base garments, packaging, and supplementary materials to create cohesive pieces across each new collection. This line bridges streetwear with athletic wear. 
On September 2nd, a launch party was held at a local venue to announce the release of the first Lux. collection. A team of models was assembled to showcase each piece. At the show, we began taking preorders for the Collection 01 package. We hope to continue expanding this line.
I was entirely responsible for most tasks including all designs (packaging, clothing, party materials, etc.), photography, show coordination, package design, screen printing (clothing and packaging), etc..
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The Clothing


The Graphics


Collection 01


"We Are the Dreamers" | 12" X 16"


The Books

These books were displayed at the launch party for guests to get a closer look at each individual piece.


The Launch Party



IEC Lux. Launch Party Film | By Crew Life Productions | Lux. Fashion Show Begins at 6:00



Created by Jacob Connell and R. Ian Kelly of Metekulous Studios | Song: "Idioteque" by Radiohead


Credits  |  The IEC Lux. Launch Party Film was recorded and edited by Crew Life Productions, The IEC Lux. motion graphic was created by Jacob Connell and R. Ian Kelly of Metekulous Studios


Dimensions  |  Package: 11 1/4" x 14 3/8" x 1 3/8", Poster: 12" x 16"