Chimera Vol.

Creative Director


Each of the 1,000 copies of Chimera Volume XIV is unique. Volume XIV is the most ambitious volume, and the first to have every cover screen printed, and numbered by hand.
The book team chose Julie Mehretu's Stadia II piece as inspiration and to symbolize, in visual terms, the state of mind between the birth of an idea and the final work of art. With an additive approach, we utilized elements from her piece accordingly, allowing each spread in the journal to be its own specific song in the mixtape that is Chimera Volume XIV.
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This publication won the awards of Best Group Project and Best Use of Paper in the NSSC14. It won an Award of Excellence in the 47th Annual UCDA Design Competition. And it was honored in the 2017 HOW International Design Awards.


Credits  |  Chimera Volume XIV is printed by Printing Concepts, Inc. Credits for each individual work go to their respective artists. Artwork photography by Julie Henthorne, Laurel Hoachlander, and Ashley Stone. Screen printing assistants include Doug Eberhardt and Brent Smith. Art advisors include professors Francis Demaske, Shelle Barron, William Mathie, John Bavaro, and Hanjin Park. Literary team members (editors) include professor Carrie Hohmann Campbell, Emma Giering, Lisa Dominick, Casey Conrad-Medvis, and Dakota Palmer.


Materials/Processes  |  Astroparche 60 lb White Vellum Text, Neenah Starwhite Archiva 80 lb Smooth Text


Dimensions  |  11" x 16" x 5/16"