Black Scale
Annual Report

Spring 2016


This fictional annual report uses the identity and aesthetics of the Black Scale clothing brand and features content aimed at shareholders and dedicated customers. The quality of craft and design effectively mirror the ideals of Black Scale. Heavy focus is placed on data visualization and typographic hierarchy. A majority of the content is written to accurately convey the brand’s message.


This project was selected for exhibition in the 2017 Edinboro University Art Department Annual Student Exhibition.


Credits  |  Some photography throughout this publication is the property of Black Scale.
I am not associated with Black Scale in any way. This project is entirely fictional and non-profit. Visit


Materials/Processes  |  Mohawk Neon White 80 lb Text Paper, French Pop-Tone 100 lb Cover Paper, Neenah Classic Linen Red Pepper 80 lb Cover Paper, Perfect Bind with Headbands


Dimensions  |   8 1/4" x 10 5/16" x 1/2"